• More than ever, we want to support schools and students!

    The West Suburban Chamber of Commerce and Industry is dedicated to serving the western suburbs of Chicago. Our commitment is to our regional businesses and their communities through collaboration, best practices, advocacy, leadership, economic development and education. Our vision is to build a vibrant and prosperous community of thriving businesses who understand the value of collaboration, the power of a unified voice and the obligation to reach beyond individual fulfillment for the greater good of the community.

    In line with that greater good, we will award up to three (3) $1,000 scholarships to graduating seniors:  one at Lyons Township, one at Riverside Brookfield and one at Nazareth Academy. Students must be pursuing higher education at an accredited university, 2-4 year college, a vocational/trade school or technical school in 2021.

    The applications are judged on their service/leadership within community and school, response to essay question, awards and honors, transcripts and extracurricular activities. The scholarship is not based on financial need. 


    ‚Äč**Please note contributions are not deductible donation

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