• CommPass: An innovative model for driving commerce

    What is CommPass?

    CommPass is a collaborative model created by the WSCCI (West Suburban Chamber of Commerce and Industry) and operated via diverse partnerships throughout the region, Chicagoland, and the State of Illinois. The model was created to help drive commerce and offer support to our member businesses as they progress through the various stages of growth -- with little to no interruption of their business.  Ultimately, the model will assist in building a healthy and sustainable economic future for the region that supports all types of businesses. In addition to supporting business professionals, the model connects middle and high school students with local business, career, and entrepreneurship opportunities.


    How is CommPass different than other similar models or available services?

    CommPass is designed to support all levels of business: middle school/high school students and entrepreneurs to small businesses taking their business to the next level to the long-time family business looking to transition.  In addition, CommPass places a holistic approach on business services - incorporating different levels of support through trusted, vetted, high level partners from around the State in order to offer the best services and programs to its members. Similar models only address one aspect of business, are not holistic in their approach and do not adequately connect to trusted, vetted, high-level, diverse services that offer multiple options for each phase of a business’ lifecycle


    How does CommPass impact my business?

    CommPass is a great “go-to” program when your business is stuck and you are finding challenges to move forward.  Perhaps you are introducing a new product or service and don’t know quite how to be effective in that process; or perhaps you are looking at starting a business from scratch, but don’t understand all of the logistics, laws and regulations; or perhaps you are selling your business for retirement, but want it to go to a “good home”.  All of these situations and more are reasons to access CommPass’ partners, programs and services.


    How does CommPass work?

    At any stage of a business’ lifecycle, when a business runs into a roadblock that prevents them from moving forward, a member business can reach out and contact the office of the WSCCI, in which a representative will be able to walk through the process with the member business to access information for a particular program or service that the member business is looking for, depending upon their situation. 


    How do I access CommPass?

    Currently, the best way to access the programs and services of CommPass is by calling the WSCCI at 708-387-7550.  At that time, a WSCCI staff representative will be able to walk through the process with the member business in order to connect that member with the best services and programs available given their business needs at that time. Please note that certain programs and services offered through partners of CommPass may have specific requirements in order to participate.   In the near future, an online portal will be available for all member businesses to access 24/7. 

    Is CommPass relevant for nonprofit businesses as well? 

    Absolutely.  At the WSCCI, we believe that nonprofits are just as much businesses as for profits.  All of the services offered through CommPass are equally of benefit to nonprofits as they are for their for-profit partners. 


    I have a program idea or current service that might benefit the greater business community.  Can I be a part of CommPass?  If so, how?

    The WSCCI is always searching for diverse, trusted partners to be part of the CommPass model.  If your business offers programs or services that could benefit business development, please reach out to the WSCCI so that we can explore your partnership opportunity to see if it’s a good fit for the CommPass model. In addition, if you know of a program or service that could offer support and benefit to business development, please feel free to share those resources with the WSCCI so that we may reach out and explore those partnership opportunities.


    What programs are currently in place with CommPass?

    The CommPass model is always growing, expanding and evolving. Each year, new programs, partners and services are introduced and added to the CommPass model.  


    List of current services and partners:

    FNBC Bank & Trust and Suite Spotte: The Breakthrough Challenge for businesses looking to take their business to the next level

    The John Marshall Law School - Business Enterprise Law Clinic: Pro bono legal assistance for small businesses

    Vistage International: Executive Expressos leadership program for President/CEO’s or C Suite representatives of businesses – large and small

    College of DuPage - Center for Entrepreneurship: Services for small business start-ups, which include: marketing and business planning, business certifications and access to funding

    Chicago Cook Workforce Partnership: Access to funding for job hiring and retraining

    Small Business Advocacy Council and Small Business Majority: Access to business data and advocacy

    Urban Land Institute and Chicago Metropolitan Area of Planning: Economic development, relocation and assessment

    L.A.D.S.E. : Project Search and Employ Alliance provides individuals with developmental disabilities the opportunity to be a part of the workforce through various careers

    Burcor Properties, Nazareth Academy and Riverside-Brookfield High Schools:  Promoting entrepreneurship in the classroom and business clubs for our business community.

     Possible future program developments:

    Community Memorial Foundation and Corestrata: Leadership development program for young professionals

    Lyons Township High School and The LeaderShop: Holistic program to address business development for a future generation