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    Welcome to the West Suburban Chamber of Commerce and Industry. We are dedicated to serving the near west suburbs of Chicago. Our commitment is to our regional businesses and community prosperity through best practices, advocacy, access to leaders, economic development, collaboration and business education.

    MISSION:  We represent the collective voice of the region’s business community, advocating pro-business initiatives and public policy on a state and local level. We drive economic prosperity by promoting the thriving business climate, geographical preference, and demographic diversity of our region. We leverage the vast resources within our membership by encouraging innovation and the exchange of ideas, information, and opportunity for the benefit of the entire community.

    VISION:  To build a vibrant and prosperous community of thriving businesses who understand the value of collaboration, the power of a unified voice, and the obligation to reach beyond individual fulfillment for the greater good of the community.

    We asked members to list their top challenges moving into 2020. They are:

    • Business development and growth
    • Finding and maintaining a quality workforce
    • Marketing
    • Legislative issues
    • Healthcare costs

    Members feel the major trends that will affect their business in the next five to ten years:

    • Baby Boomers exiting the workforce & Millennials entering the workforce
    • Health/wellness issues
    • Mobile workforce 
    • Physical space (expansion)
    • Artificial intelligence