Legislative Agenda


  • It is no secret that in the State of Illinois, businesses continue to experience a lack of sufficient resources devoted to supporting growth and development. In response, each year, the WSCCI develops a Legislative Agenda that makes it clear to legislators what our membership (and the business community) expects from their state Legislature – economic growth – and in very specific terms. We emphasize again our core principles of free enterprise and that removing obstacles to job creation and economic growth is paramount. This year’s Legislative Agenda for Economic Growth represents a consensus among our members: We must reduce the cost of doing business in our region and in Illinois.

    Our members provide input on policy and legislative strategy through the Legislative Action Committee. Feedback from these meetings in partnership with the Small Business Advocacy Council, Small Business Majority Group, Illinois Chamber of Commerce, our members and our local municipal leaders, help frame our key business issues.

    We encourage all of our members to weigh in so that we can create a diverse, robust, compelling and well-thought-out recommendation for our region.  Please get involved today and share your voice with us, the Chamber, for the future of your business.