Legislative Issues


  • The WSCCI developed a Legislative Survey to gauge what members want more information on, as well as what positions they feel the Chamber should take on their behalf. The goal is to make it clear to legislators what our membership (and the business community) expects from their state Legislature. 

    Feedback from the survey, in conjunction with the Small Business Advocacy Council, Illinois Chamber of Commerce, US Chamber of Commerce and our members and our local municipal leaders, help frame our key business issues. We encourage all of our members to weigh in so that we can create a diverse, robust, compelling and well-thought-out recommendation for our region.

    You want the WSCCI to focus and provide information on:

    • Economic development opportunities
    • Workforce development
    • Healthcare
    • Education

    Your main areas of concern for your business are: 

    • Skilled workforce
    • Employee healthcare benefits
    • Cost of business in your current location
    • Workforce turnover