• GEN 2.0


  • Coming in January, 2015!

    In partnership with Community Memorial Foundation, the WSCCI is helping in the efforts to create the healthiest region in the country by responding to the needs of a future generation of for-profit leaders.  Based on a survey conducted earlier in 2014, the WSCCI has discovered a need for mentorship, leadership development and succession planning strategies, both for young professionals (defined as individuals age 40 years and younger) as well as for the business community and those that employ them.

    In the New Year, the WSCCI will be bringing these interested folks together to create a regional young professionals group - Generation 2.0 (or Gen 2.0 for short).  Through a series of on-going professional, educational and social opportunities, the WSCCI Gen 2.0 group will be offered many opportunities to grow in their respective fields or industries as well as strengthening their own individual and professional development. 

    The WSCCI looks forward to sharing more about this critical group in the New Year.

    In the meantime, if you or someone you know is a professional of 40 years or younger and is looking to be a part of a dynamic, diverse group of peers from a regional scope, please contact Ken Grunke at 708-387-7550.