• Resident Services Coordinator I

    Mercy Housing Lakefront
    Job Description
    GENERAL DESCRIPTION:          Facilitate and implement core programs as delegated by the program model. Collect and record data to measure program outcomes. Identify human and community service needs of residents. Develop strategies to link residents with needed services, including assistance in overcoming various barriers that might impede access to services. Build community partnerships that bring services and notice to the property; ambassador/advocate of the property, seeking volunteering, selling the brand. When other services are not available, may deliver direct services. Actively participate with other staff working toward resident stability.  (Less than 100 units.)
    I.          QUALIFICATIONS:
    Education:       Bachelor’s degree in a related field preferred.
    Experience:     Minimum of one year experience in community development, social services, or related field required. Experience conducting community assessments, applying the principles of conflict management, and organizing community groups, events, or programs preferred.  Experience working with diverse cultures.
    • Work collaboratively with others in a team environment, respecting and valuing the perspectives and contributions of others.
    • Develop effective working partnerships with religious, educational, and community groups and institutions.
    • Function effectively in an environment with diverse cultures, multiple perspectives, and competing needs.
    • Demonstrate a commitment to recognizing residents’ knowledge and experience as a valuable resource.
    • Motivate individuals to actively participate in services.
    • Accurately identify/assess resident assets and needs in order to connect them effectively to resources and help them set personal goals.
    • Manage volunteers; effectively facilitate meetings and community gatherings.
    • Demonstrate a high level of verbal, writing, and listening skills.
    • Proficient with MS Office ( i.e. Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook).
    • Maintain confidentiality and to obtain appropriate release of information as necessary.
    • Able to work with people with mental health, disability, substance abuse, legal, and financial issues.

    A.     TECHNICAL/FUNCTIONAL         
    1. Implement priority programs and essential activities/ as outlined in the Resident Services program model.
    2. Collect required data for designated program components and record data in the Mercy Housing database in an accurate and timely way.  Maintain all reporting requirements set by funding and/or government agencies.
    3. Evaluate outcomes of programs and services delivered on a regular basis as required.
    4. Develop a comprehensive understanding of residents (conduct needs assessments, community meetings, etc.) in order to be able to offer residents the opportunity to assist their community and to guide them towards appropriate services and resources.
    5. Report child, dependent adult and elder abuse and neglect according to state law.
    6. Develop and maintain a comprehensive list of resources (employment, education, social service agencies etc.) available in the community for residents’ benefit.
    7. Participate in and/or lead activities within Mercy Housing and in collaboration with partner agencies that build professional capacity and enhance working relationships.
    8. Establish and maintain partnerships with relevant organizations and individuals, with an emphasis on providing on-site services to residents and the community.
    9. Be an active member of the site team, working collaboratively with the manager and other site staff to meet property needs and resolve resident problems.
    10. Participate in the annual property and/or grant budget process and maintain accurate recording and tracking or related expenditures
    11. Collect information and document incidents that could potentially need follow-up by property staff and/or residents involved.
    12. Actively collaborate with Resource Development staff and other Resident Services staff to share information and implement fundraising plans.
    13. Attend all required training to ensure individual and professional growth.
    14. Participate in Affordable Housing advocacy.
    15. Manage volunteers.

    Physical:         Occasionally required to push/pull objects up to 30 lbs., and to lift/carry objects up to 30 lbs.  Frequently required to perform moderately difficult manipulative tasks such as typing, writing, etc.  Must be able to walk, stand, and sit for extended periods.
    Sensory:         Frequently required reading and writing documents, written and financial reports, and plans.  Must be able to distinguish normal sounds with some background noise, as in answering the phone, interacting with residents and staff, etc.  Must be able to speak clearly and understand/be understood using the English language.
    Cognitive:      Frequently required to concentrate on moderate detail with constant interruption. Must be able to attend to a task/function for 20-45 minutes at a time.  Frequently required to understand and relate to specific ideas, several at a time.  Must be able to remember multiple tasks/assignments given to self and others over a period of several days.
    Environmental Conditions:  Frequent exposure to seasonal conditions in outside weather.
    Equipment:  Frequently required to drive a car, use a computer, phone, and fax machine.
    1.      Other duties as assigned.