• Campus Care Staff Nurse

    Posted: 03/19/2021

    Position Description: The Campus Care Staff Nurse is responsible for the overall delivery and management of the licensed skilled nursing services that have been requested by residents of the Plymouth Place Senior Living community. This position is a part-time, salary-exempt position, working Monday through Friday 25-30 hours per week.

    Organizational Relationship: Reports to the Home Nursing Agency administrator.

    Compensation & Benefits
    1. Competitive pay rate commensurate with experience
    2. Paid Time Off (PTO): 40 hours per calendar year
    3. 401(k) retirement plan based on meeting eligibility requirements.
    4. Annual bonus eligibility
    5. Paid time for annual RN CE program completion (20 hours)

    1. Must be a Registered Nurse or possess a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing and have a valid Illinois nursing license.
    2. Must have a minimum of two years of experience in delivering skilled nursing care services in either a home or community-based setting.
    3. Must possess good leadership, motivational, communication, and organizational skills, as well as a well-adjusted attitude.
    4. Experience in older adult healthcare is desirable.

    1. Ensures that all licensed skilled nursing care is physician directed.
    2. Directs all care services provided by the nursing agency by performing the initial assessment of skilled care clients, determining client care plans and appropriate level(s) of service.
    3. Directs all care services provided by the home services agency by performing the initial assessment of non-skilled care clients, determining client care plans and appropriate level(s) of service.
    4. Supervises the implementation, coordination, maintenance, conducting periodic supervisory evaluation according to regulations, and termination of care plans and service(s).
    5. Ensures proper maintenance of all documentation and clinical records as mandated by local, state, and federal laws and regulations.
    6. Provides RN staffing for health care clinic 3 days per week: Monday/Wednesday/Friday
    7. Manages all orders for medication organizer container set-up and refills: weekly/monthly.
    8. Oversees lab test administration by obtaining MD orders and all follow-up with MDs as required.
    9. Oversees Coumadin/Warfarin management through intake of MD orders, obtaining blood sample(finger-stick) for INR testing, and all required documentation.
    10. Works with Clinic Office Manager and staff CNAs on all changes/updates to resident care plans and schedules for services.
    11. Maintain a good public image within the general community as a committed care provider.