• Diversity + Inclusion Committee

    The West Suburban Chamber of Commerce believes that a wide array of perspectives allows us, as the collective voice of the region, and all organizations throughout the region to be more effective. We are committed to promoting diversity and inclusion throughout our communities. We are also dedicated to greater diversity and inclusion within our own organization and provide equal opportunity to people of all protected classes including, but not limited to: race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identification, ability, income, marital status, age, geographic location, philosophy and veteran status in all levels of staff and governance. We encourage our leaders and members to embrace principles intended to promote diversity as a matter of fairness and effectiveness throughout our region. For more information, click the ''Visit'' tab, then Diversity + Inclusion on the website.
    Scott Eggerding
    Lyons Township High School, Dist. 204, Director of Curriculum & Instruction
    Scott Stephens
    Proxit, Inc, President