• The Ambassador Program consists of volunteers from the Chamber membership who donate their time to assist the Chamber in various activities. It is the mission of the WSCCI Ambassador Program to promote member commitment and retention by: - Raising awareness of Chamber activities and benefits - Informing and involving new Chamber members to promote strong continuing membership - Encouraging meaningful and beneficial participation in the Chamber's programs - Serving as a liaison between the Chamber staff and membership
    The mission of the committee is to find avenues of collaboration and integration to facilitate healthier and safer communities. The committee will do this by hosting an annual Health, Wellness and Safety Family Fest each September, for members, business nonmembers and the community. The intention is to create partnerships around community health, wellness and safety needs for the entire region. Meets every month and more frequently in July and August. Part of this committee's job is securing sponsorships and vendors.
    The Chamber is a critical partner and leader in influencing legislation and regulation on local, state and federal levels. We work proactively, supporting legislation that promotes a vibrant business community and, when necessary, opposing legislation that unnecessarily inhibits commerce. The Chamber will educate and inform members and bring together elected officials on key policy issues affecting business. Plans three events annually and meets every other month.
    This committee's mantra is: Every story is valuable and every voice counts! A dynamic group of both female professionals (and a few men, too!), this group connects and collaborates with passionate, professional women to offer and receive resource-rich support and professional development services on a regional scale. Three events per year, meetings every other month.
    This committee explores all potential, region-wide initiatives in which chamber involvement could secure the greatest possible economic benefits for WSCCI member businesses and residents. Focusing on manufacturing and STEAM, this group plans and hosts Manufacturing Day each October. Meets every other month and more frequently leading up to events.