• Explores all potential, region-wide initiatives in which chamber involvement could secure the greatest possible economic benefits for Chamber member businesses and residents.
    The Ambassador Program consists of volunteers from the Chamber membership who donate their time to assist the Chamber in various activities. It is the mission of the WSCCI Ambassador Program to promote member commitment and retention by: - Raising awareness of Chamber activities and benefits - Informing and involving new Chamber members to promote strong continuing membership - Encouraging meaningful and beneficial participation in the Chamber's programs - Serving as a liaison between the Chamber staff and membership
    BizConnect will: - Educate our Members on regional trending topics that affect business owners - Guide and support members at each phase (or level) of their business - Enhance our members relationships through networking opportunities BizConnect will work with regional, strategic partners (i.e. municipalities, educational institutions, county services and associations, state and national business service organizations, etc.) to educate our members on large-scale , trending issues that impact various industries. BizConnect also wants to be able to offer and provide resources to all businesses of any industry no matter what phase the business is currently at within its life cycle. Through our strategic partnerships with other chambers, community organizations and institutions, BizConnect can connect members to critical information necessary to enhance their business development and growth.
    The Chamber seeks to be a critical partner and leader in influencing legislation and regulation on local, State and Federal levels in a proactive manner, supporting legislation that promotes a vibrant business community and, when necessary, opposing legislation that unnecessarily inhibits commerce. The Chamber will educate and inform Members and elected officials on key policy issues affecting business. LAC Objectives: - Increase awareness, education and engagement of legislative activities; measured by various participation and website activity, using prior fiscal year statistics as a baseline; - Provide educational opportunities such as regional hearings, forums addressing current issues and interaction with legislators, etc., measured by participation, using past fiscal years as a benchmark. - Advocacy with legislators on behalf of WSCCI membership regarding issues directly impacting our member organizations
    The mission of the committee is to find avenues of collaboration and integration to facilitate healthier and safer communities. The committee will do this by presenting quarterly interactive events for members of the chamber, business non-members and the community, create a health, wellness and safety resource directory, bring greater visibility to programs already in existence, assess the needs of the chamber and community, bring businesses together to create partnerships around community health, wellness and safety needs as well as provide a speakerâ??s bureau.
    This is a new committee that is currently in the stages of its formation. If you are a female professional looking to be connected to other passionate, professional women, while offering resource-rich support and professional development services on a regional scale, please consider being a part of this new and dynamic group!
    Explores all potential, region-wide initiatives in which chamber involvement could secure the greatest possible economic benefits for WSCCI member businesses and residents.