• Written in the Snow

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    Closed today? Worried about traffic (on the way to work and in your store)? The good news is traffic to your website and social media may pick up today! Here are a few ways to maximize your productivity and make a snow day positive. Snow days can work wonders … especially for marketing efforts.

    1. Crystallize your Marketing
    Get going with content! Take some down time today to set up a schedule for all your marketing vehicles for the next few months ... even the rest of the year. Ponder meaningful messages for the end of this month that tie into the next month and the next and the next. When will you need additional content? How can you customize your messaging per channel and/or target market? How can you integrate messages across channels? Craft a plan and write it down.

    2. Reach Out to Cold (and Warm) Prospects
    Here’s a chance to examine your current welcome letters, thank you notes and sales pitches. Are they current? Engaging? Creative? Do they present your brand the way you want them to? You want your prospects to love your marketing. Don’t forget your loyal customers and clients either. A snow day is an opportunity to reach out. Send a quick note through LinkedIn, send a few thank you notes to top members or customers, call a few prospects.

    3. Shovel out Your Inbox
    Organize … online or at a home office. If you can’t get to the office, create an action plan for when you can. It will move like clockwork when you have that next hour of downtime. Staying organized will help increase your productivity and enable you to allocate more time to more important projects. Create subfolders, respond to old messages that have been on the back burner, organize digital files (and toss some).

    4. Write a Blog Post
    Well, I just did! Use today to tell a timely story. Toss out some industry-specific tips. Use the day’s headlines (hello!). Write about what you know and what’s happening today.

    5. Enhance your Social Climate
    Work on your company’s Facebook page strategy, update your cover image, draft some posts to use next week when you’re back at work. Check on new Twitter followers and follow them back. How about who’s following your competitors? Repost a few things from your clients, customers or members. How about dusting off your website? Both old content and outdated images. How’s LinkedIn looking? If something is inspiring to you, it may just be to your contacts as well. Find anything to make your business more successful? Share it!
    Today, you can freeze up or thaw out. Take advantage of this time to work on marketing and business development. Comments? We’d love to hear them.

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