• URGENT LEGISLATIVE UPDATE: Property Tax Incentive meeting March 14

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    As always, the WSCCI continues to share with members any news that impacts your businesses.

    We received this urgent information about a recent Cook County tax incentive program proposal that was
    introduced (Ord 18-1604). This proposed Prevailing Wage Tax Incentive Amendment would require prevailing wages be paid to contractors that work on a project whose business receives a tax incentive (abatement) and requires installation of apprenticeship programs. As introduced, the Prevailing Wage Amendment would affect Class 6s, 7s, 8s, 9s, SURS, etc. (pg. 5 of pdf) for all new incentive applicants; all current incentive holders upon Incentive renewal; all incentive holders whose business undertakes any modernization projects. Also, it would require that all contractors participate in a US Dept of Labor recognized apprenticeship program. For detailed information on last week's agenda and proposed changes, click here.

    There will be a vote next week on March 14. If this issue is important to you and your business, we urge you to contact your Cook County Commissioner AS SOON AS POSSIBLE and share your thoughts and, if possible, attend the meeting on March 14.  Explain the impact this would have on your business. A link to the Cook County Commissioners can be found here.
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