• Two proposed bills to impact business in our region

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    Advocacy. This is one of the most valuable benefits that WSCCI members say they receive by belonging to this regional Chamber. We constantly work to provide you with the information and updates that are critical to you as a business owner in this area.

    Right now, there are two very important issues that you need to know about immediately. These have been brought to our attention by our friend and fellow business owner, Steve Palmer of Palmer Place in La Grange:
    1)      There is a possible introduction to a minimum wage increase being organized by Cook County Board Commissioner John Fritchy. This could look something like what was passed in Chicago recently.
    2)      There is a mandatory paid sick leave bill being proposed through Cook County.

    Then a communication was recently sent from Sean Morrison, Cook County Commissioner of the 17th District, with his thoughts on the mandatory paid sick leave bill proposal. Commissioner Morrison states in his letter that, “This ordinance, if passed, will directly impact every single business within Cook County, regardless of size. I am writing to solicit your organization’s feedback as well as the feedback from your membership. As currently written, the qualification provision of the ordinance would cover virtually all employees; both full-time and part-time.”

    Commissioner Morrison is a small business owner and states that “I can’t imagine how this government mandate would not place a greater financial burden on businesses.  Moreover, the vast majority of the 17th District borders the collar counties of DuPage and Will and I can foresee this ordinance creating a competitive disadvantage for those Cook County businesses in proximity to the county border. I also believe that this competitive disadvantage would also serve to hinder local municipalities in their efforts to attract new businesses and create new economic development opportunities.” In short, he is firmly opposed to this proposed ordinance. It’s possible that the bill will be heard for consideration as early as the next county board meeting scheduled for Wednesday, September 14th.  Anyone interested in learning more can contact Commissioner Morrison’s office at 312-603-4215.

    Through the WSCCI, we continue to encourage business to come together and be part of the discussion (and solution), especially in light of any and all proposed legislation such as these bills, the issues they represent and the impact in our communities. An organized group of area business associations and chambers will meet to prepare a unified, collective message representative of their overall member concerns, thoughts and suggestions as well as sending ongoing updates. If you would like to add to the conversation, please send your concerns and/or thoughts to keng@wscci.org.

    For details on the proposed minimum wage increase, click here.

    For details on the paid sick leave bill, follow this link and, once there, click on “Legislation Details (with text)”.
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