• To All Business Owners ... Celebrate Your Independence

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    So much of your time as a business owner can be seen as hard work, never-ending work, thankless work. You're always worrying about income as well as outcomes. But, you also are motivated, fearless, committed, passionate and, yep, independent. Success comes with these traits. In fact, success demands these traits. These are the qualities that help you develop and maintain relationships, engage with clients, grow the business as well as your staff and profitability. They probably have helped you since the third grade, when you may have been called stubborn or challenging. Hmmmm, seems to worked out for you, right?! 

    As your regional chamber of commerce, we recognize that you have worked hard for your independence and we celebrate you. We're pretty much in awe of you. This Fourth of July holiday, please take the time to reflect on this and all you've accomplished. Remember the challenges, then celebrate the wins. Think about the growing pains, then high-five the successes. You are responsible for your own independence!

    So, right now, here's your challenge:  Take tomorrow off. Turn off the phone and computer. Breathe deeply. Be in the moment. Enjoy things that are NOT work. This is healthy and necessary. Think about one thing you consistently say you wish you had time for. Do it! Happy Fourth of July!





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