• The Badass Women of the West Suburban Chamber - Meet Coya Smith

    The Badass Women of the West Suburban Chamber - Meet Coya Smith

    Meet Coya J. Smith, Managing Broker/Owner of RE/MAX Properties of Western Spring.  She is the WSCCI Women in Business Committee Chair, leader, innovator, mentor and great supporter of our community.  She is also one Badass Woman in Business.

    Your company/organization (brief description) and role within it?  RE/Max properties, Real Estate brokerage with the National name recognition everyone knows, which is a locally woman owned, franchise.   RE/MAX Properties brokers serve the surrounding communities in the western suburbs.  We have been located in Western Springs for over 30 years; (originally offices were in both La Grange and Western Springs) have since consolidated to one brick and mortar location serving all areas.  My role within the company includes managing and support for brokers, support staff and involvement with communities in partnerships by giving back to the communities supporting local businesses, sponsoring community events and helping Local businesses and homeowners with all their Real estate needs.

    Why did you become a member of the WSCCI Women in Business Group and what has it meant to you?   I joined WSCCI 3 years ago when I returned as “owner” and acquired RE/MAX Properties.  Joining WSCCI has brought me unlimited supply of information, knowledge for business tools and support.    From the events, to the resource database of local businesses.   The support the WIB give each other knowing we are all there to help each other and support the business and owners in unlimited. 

    What do you feel is the best way to empower women in business?  Bring knowledge, support and build ongoing relationships through networking and being a resource for any new woman in business helps empower each other to know we support each other.

    Most challenging, exciting, or proudest accomplishment?  Having been I real estate over 32 years, starting at Coldwell Banker, moving onto RE/MAX both in La Grange;  then having my own independent business coming back as Owner of an office I was a previous agent at;  has been a blessing and accomplishment.    In doing that it was also one of the most Challenging moves in my career with previous ownership not having up to date tools, technology and my surprise was to say the least underestimated.  It had been a challenging first 2 years, I have met great business partners, supporters and resources within WIB from remodeling, to technology upgrading, media and marketing.   Proudest Accomplishment I have to say our agents and office which has grown to be the most productive in per agent production.  Many brokerages have 70-100 agents, we have less than 50 that are the most productive ; grown from when I acquired the office with less than 10 agents.  Our office & agents reach continued success, last year an agent in our office was #1 RE/MAX agent in the United States in closed transactions.  

    Coya can be reached at: 
    Coya J. Smith
    Designated Managing Broker at  RE/MAX Properties
    819 W. Burlington, Western Springs, IL 60558


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