• She is a Badass Women in Business leading the way by connecting, engaging and empowering others!

    She is a Badass Women in Business leading the way by connecting, engaging and empowering others!

    Meet our next Badass Women in Business, Gaye Wagner.
    When she is not out riding her Harley, she is the Community Relations Manager for Independence-4-Seniors Home Care!
    Tell us about your company/organization and role within it?

    Independence-4-Seniors Home Care was established in 2002 by Joan and Mike O’Brien, They provides senior care services anywhere needed such as private homes, retirement communities, assisted living communities, hospitals and rehabilitation centers. Their senior home care services are designed to support a safe, healthy and independent lifestyle.

    As the Community Relations Manager my responsibility is to establish relationships in communities such as retirement, assisted living, hospital and rehab centers to promote the message of Independence-4-Seniors for the purposes of maintaining the great reputation of the company.

    Why did you become a member of the WSCCI Women in Business Group and what has it meant to you? 

    Connection-Relationship-Business Development.  There is nothing like a group of innovative women!  We connect, we engage,  we are genuinely interested in each other seeking to learn and support one another, we are competitive.  What more can you ask for at a meeting of WSCCI Women in Business?

    What do you feel is the best way to empower women in business? 

    The best way to empower women? is to be uniquely YOU! Ensure you own YOUR power, don’t ever give it up to anybody else! Remember, YOU chose your position and you ARE equipped to confidently succeed it. Don’t EVER forget you are NOT alone. Surround yourself with a core of trusted confidants, so you can be raw and  be real, to share ideas, risks and goals.

    Share with us your challenging, exciting, or proudest accomplishment?

    Just one? The most challenging, exciting and proudest accomplishment I’ve succeeded is as Branch Manager in Burr Ridge.  Challenging because I had never been a Branch Manager in my banking career and I had a mentor who saw the possibilities in me and coached me to success. Exciting because I, along with my team, moved this branch in ranking from 60 to 7 in a year and a half, thereby winning a sales trip to Key Largo.  It is my proudest accomplishment because of the team I had the privilege to lead and the relationships I made in the community which I have to this day.

    You can contact Gaye at gwagner@independence4seniors.com or 630.991.6663.

    Gaye and her daughter Amanda supporting Harvest Place Memory Care residents at a parade in May/June 2020.


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