• Our Trip to Springfield: guest blogger, Evelina Springer

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    WSCCI Member, Evelina Springer, joined WSCCI on the trip to Springfield to advocate for the small business community.  Evelina shares her experience below.


    Our trip to Springfield.

    Recently I had the chance to head down to Springfield with the WSCCI and see our government in action.  What was more exciting was being able to have my son join us and be able to meet some of our local government officials.  
    Not only did he get to meet some state senators and state reps but he actually was able to meet the governor and talk a little bit about some of his ideas for change that would impact his generation's future. 
    I myself found all the discussions very interesting.  What seems to be the general consensus is that everyone wants something to happen but no one can agree on what the correct path is.  I enjoyed listening to Govenor Rauner talk about how we can start to steer this ship in the right direction and get us out of this budget deficit nightmare.  And as all households know the best place to start is at home.  There are so many inefficiencies in our government departments that if we streamlined a few things there we could start to make a dent in the deficit.  
    I think the thing that struck me most was the fact that without having our budget in order it affects the non-profits and school budgets.  I think this resonated most with my 8th grader as he thought about how it might impact his education.
    My son, Joe Springer, attends Gurrie Middle School in LaGrange.  In his 8th grade English class they were given a year long project to work on called "Genius Hour".  Here they can spread their wings so to speak and find something to work on that insipres or challenges them.  After some thought and research Joe decided to try and introduce a bill to stop factory farming.  He was able to speak with the govenor, several representatives and senators to discuss why he wants this bill passed and how it impacts his future.
    I want to thank Ken for setting up this trip for us and if you have not had the chance to go I highly recommend you consider it next year!  What a great way for the small business owner or entrepreneur to get his voice heard and help impact what your state legislature is doing.
    Evelina Springer
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