• Meet BOOST Intern, Niko! We are lucky to have him!

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    BOOST stands for "Bold Opportunities for Outstanding Students Today and Tomorrow."  The program connects alumni and friends of Nazareth who own or are in businesses to sponsor an unpaid internship program to offer students experience with jobs. This internship program offers hands on experience while helping to build a strong workforce in our region.

    Meet Niko, a rising senior at Nazareth Academy, who has been building his skill base and contributing his talents to the WSCCI and its members.  We decided to ask Niko some pressing questions about his internship and what a busy high school senior does in his spare time!

    WSCCI - Why did you choose to apply to the BOOST program?
    Niko -   I chose to apply to the BOOST program because I saw it as a valuable learning experience while still in high school. I am also applying to colleges soon, and I think that an internship with a reputable organization like the WSCCI would stand out.
    WSCCI - What are couple of things you have learned while working at the WSCCI?
    Niko – While at the WSCCI, I have learned that helping your community thrive is of utmost importance. Giving back to those who are a part of your community is one thing that I always work to improve on, but something that the WSCCI does exceptionally well.
    WSCCI - What are the biggest skills learned from BOOST & WSCCI you see going forward that will help you in future endeavors?
    Niko – The biggest skills I have learned from my internship experience is that being involved within your community and building strong, positive relationships with those you work with is something that will help you in the long run, no matter what your career path may be.
    WSCCI - What are your future endeavors?
    – Graduating from high school is surely my top priority as of now. But as for college, I plan on majoring in finance and pursuing a career in that field as well. I would love to work in New York City, but I can see myself working anywhere. 

    WSCCI – What does a busy high school senior do in his spare time?
    Niko– In my spare time, I do a lot of things. I don’t mind staying home in bed, as I am a very lazy person I will admit, but I do enjoy going out, whether it be with family or friends. I also enjoy playing basketball. This summer is the last time I will be able to play for my travel/club team, and this upcoming winter will be the start of my 4th and final season with my school team at Nazareth. 
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