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    So, yes, you're busy. Work to do, people to see, sales to make, funds to raise and a business to run. Good for you, those are all great decisions! Question:  Are you so busy working in your business that you fail to work on your business? Belonging to the West Suburban Chamber is your first step in the right direction. The second step is to take advantage of all the benefits available to you to work on your business. William Shakespeare wrote, "The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away." The WSCCI's mission can help your purpose.

    People Power

    Meet people, peers and even advocates. The people you get to know through Chamber networking and business events have other connections. It's six degrees in nine communities ... and then some. The social and emotional return in cultivating meaningful, lasting relationships can add to your bottom line in more ways than one. As you get involved, serve on a committee and interact with people outside your daily routine, you meet and mingle with all types of people--some may be customers, but they all know customers. 


    Everybody Knows Your Name (Right?) 

    Up close and personal, online or in person, the Chamber helps to spread your good word. Social media is here to stay and we are learning more and more how to use it to its potential.  Couple that with in person experiences and you've got a winning combination. Business is about relationships and the Chamber is about providing you with experiences to make those relationships. Statistics show that clients/customers/donors are more likely to buy-in when they know you are a member of a Chamber. We offer so many options for you to get your brand in front of a large regional audience. Beyond the paid options, we provide additional business promotion within your membership investment dues through the weekly eblasts, social media and opportunityies to host a Mix and Mingle and other regular events. The online calendar is free for you to post anything, in addition to your own news or special promotions. 

    Community and Collaboration

    Studies show that some large companies feel they’re too big or not local enough to need a regional chamber. But what about the employees? They are are very much a part of the local economy, regardless of the number of franchises  in various locations. By nature, the Chamber exists to lift the economy, and the WSCCI works with nine municipalities to do so. We are your collective voice and we speak up when needed. We point you in the right direction to be heard on legislative policy. Sometimes, being a good corporate citizen involves being a community partner and helping those little guys. It's really up to you be a part of the discussions about the economy. 

    Business Education and Insights

    Smaller companies and nonprofits simply don't have the budget for national conferences. We offer Mind Your Own Business sessions, Women in Business lunches, monthly Executive Expressos and topic-expert training throughout the year. Our access to relevant speakers and trainers is wide and varied and, generally, right in your own backyard. We can also introduce you to great resources, speakers for events and links to expert articles. All you have to do is call!  

    Of Course, Events

    The more things change, the more they stay the same. We are seeing more people attend in-person networking than in a long time. People are social, and it's more than social media. The Chamber's programs and events, which are many and purposeful, are designed for our large and diverse membership and the community in general. From the cool night golf outing to the Annual Teachers Breakfast to the Regional Health and Wellness Festival to our newest Regional 30 under 40 event ... every one is designed to build your business in some fashion and connect you to the region. 

    Participating, taking part and maximizing your engagement with the WSCCI is vital to success. Make it your business to work on your business. Take advantage of your WSCCI benefits. It’s up to you. It's good for you, and we're here to help!

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