• Glass Ceiling Shards

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    I just read an article called, “How Women are Rising in Business,” and the opening line is now my favorite line ever. “The new arena for business is being built from recycled shards of the glass ceiling.” I wish I would have written it. I’ll be quoting it often. (At least it was written by someone who shares my first name. Suzanne Smither, writer for success.com on March 18, 2019.)

    Recycled shards of the glass ceiling. What an image! I can picture it. The glass ceiling has not only been touched, it’s been broken and the pieces are being put to good use. Women are rising in business. They’re supportive. They’re smart. They’re collaborative. They’re proactive. They’re imaginative. They’re successful.

    Did you know:
    • Women own slightly more than 8 million small businesses, according to the Small Business Association’s 2018 Small Business Profile?
    •  Women also launched 1,821 new businesses a day from 2017 to 2018?
    • Women run 40 percent of firms of all sizes (reported by American Express)?
    • In 2018, women-owned enterprises employed nearly 9 million people and generated more than $1.6 trillion in revenue (SCORE Association)?
    These are impressive stats. How do they do it? Smither says, “American Express attributes the rise in female entrepreneurship to opportunity and necessity. Women surveyed by SCORE mention four major motivations:  experience, financial readiness, passion and a desire for flexibility in their lives.” I think it’s because they’re supportive, smart, collaborative, proactive and imaginative.

    The West Suburban Chamber of Commerce's Women in Business committee has been meeting and planning events for the past five years and they just get better with time, always new faces in the crowd. We’ve got it down! Twice a year, we feature top-notch speakers at luncheon events with time to network. One hundred percent of attendees at the spring luncheon rated it as good, great or excellent and said, “This is information I need in my life” and “World class speaker at a wonderful venue with interesting conversations.” That’s what you get with the WSCCI Women in Business.

    If you’re smart, supportive, collaborative, proactive and imaginative, if you want to recycle some shards of glass … come to our next event, The Art of Networking, is for you. With special thanks to our sponsor, RE/MAX Properties, the group will paint the night away, while sharing success stories, challenges and more. These individuals are unique … and not exclusive. You can be a woman; you don’t have to be. Please join us on Tuesday, May 7 at Bottle and Bottega in La Grange for creative conversations and excellent company.
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