• Discovering Kindness through Regional Rock Stars

    Discovering Kindness through Regional Rock Stars

    I’ve found this to almost always be true:  the worst of times tends to bring out the best in people. Sometimes in world-changing, jaw-dropping ways, but more often than that it’s in the simplest acts of kindness, just one person helping another. As the organizations and people in our communities work hard to adjust to (and ultimately recover from!) the COVID-19 pandemic, amazing stories are emerging in real time. These stories feature everyday people who ignite hope and inspire action.

    In this time of “social” distancing (which I prefer to call physical distancing), it’s important to remember and recognize that we are all in this together—and that we will survive it together and because of one another.

    Who do you know? Is it your neighbor? Colleague or co-worker? Real-life or Facebook friend? This person you’re thinking about right now is one making a difference with acts of kindness, hope and gratitude. These are the folks you talk about around your kitchen table, see on social media posts, people helping people at a six-foot distance. These are the people we want to lift up and recognize during this unprecedented time. These are the Regional Rock Stars.

    The West Suburban Chamber, in partnership with AMITA Health, Community Memorial Foundation, the Hinsdale Chamber of Commerce and the West Central Municipal Conference, invite you to share the stories of these individuals who are making a difference in our community so that we can recognize them and share the inspiration through the ways they are bringing the entire region together. Collectively, we will share these stories with our stakeholders, partners and the local media. Individuals will be recognized at a community celebration at the end of the year.

    How do you recognize your regional rock star? Simple. Just click here to tell the story of who you know that you'd love to recognize.

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