• Community Leader, Relationship Builder, Badass Woman in Business...Tracy Kelly leads the way!

    Meet Tracy Kelly, Vice President, Retail Banking Manager, The Community Bank of Western Springs, A Wintrust Community Bank. She leads by example on our Women in Business Committee and within our community.

    Your company/organization (brief description) and role within it?  The Community Bank of Western Springs, a branch of Hinsdale Bank & Trust Co. N.A. a part of the Wintrust Community Bank as of December 2019 holds total deposits of $153M.  We provide resources as a big bank while maintaining the personalized service of a true local bank.  We offer reliable and convenient banking solutions tailored to our customers, their needs and our unique community.  As the manager of The Community Bank of Western Springs my goal is to be an effective leader within the community by building relationships, providing the resources and support needed to consumers and businesses, while working with others leaders toward a common goal. 

    Why did you become a member of the WSCCI Women in Business Group and what has it meant to you?  I became a member of the WSCCI Women In Business Group because of the impact the seminars has on me as a woman in leadership.  The motivation and inspiration I receive is empowering, it creates a strength within that makes me feel I can conquer anything set before me. The business group is very supportive of each other and it is refreshing to have women that can mentor, guide and testify about the journey that led to their success.

    What do you feel is the best way to empower women in business?  Become a mentor to those that are new to leadership and are in need of guidance.  Be a resource for women by creating an atmosphere that promotes networking, collaboration, skillset, and other helpful practices that produce growth.  Support other women, regardless of the area of business, culture or background, support creates confidence, assurance, energy that empower women to believe they can accomplish anything…..   Invite them to sit at the table.

    Most challenging, exciting, or proudest accomplishment?  I am in the midst of my most challenging, exciting and proudest accomplishment, raising my family.  It is the most challenging because there is no handbook, you learn through a village and experience.  It is the most exciting task I have because there’s never a dull moment, no two kids are alike and as much as you are teaching and developing them, they in turn are teaching you.  They are my proudest accomplishment because they are my sunshine, respectable, driven, responsible kids that I love with all my heart.

    To Connect wtih Tracy please visit The Community Bank of Western Springs.


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