• Challenge Complete! Guest Blog from Mark Marshall

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    The Breakthrough Challenge was a great investment of both my time AND energy. I learned from others and worked alongside like-minded individuals. This program represented a concerted effort on behalf of the WSCCI, FNBC Bank & Trust and Suite Spotte to bring together awesome resources and support to help grow businesses within the region. Meeting on a regular basis and listening to the stories of other people who have gone through the process of growing a successful business, was educational and motivating. Being able to sit and talk with these individuals in a small group setting and ask questions relevant to my company’s growth pains and concerns was invaluable. Taking the time on my part was worth it.


    The dedication and commitment to the process from the other team members were very beneficial in helping me keep my eye on the ball, so to speak. Marketing, planning, and execution are a few of the more important things I was able to learn more about and apply to my company’s business plan that helped ProxIT Technology Solutions achieve many of our goals this year. Working with such a motivated and driven group of people provided access to tons of information. Motivation like that that is difficult to find or achieve alone.

    Because the Breakthrough Challenge is limited to the number of participants it will take on, I really feel very special to have been selected to be part of this great group. By committing my time and the others being equally invested, it helped me focus in a way I feel would have been very difficult, if not impossible, on my own. It was a breakthrough and I'm glad I accepted the challenge!

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