• Calling all businesses!

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    I'm sure all of you would agree that enough is enough and the time to act is NOW!

    We are at a time in our history where all partners, large and small, regional and local, non profit and for profit alike will have to come together to help address issues no longer facing our immediate needs as businesses, but rather the future of our employees, our neighbors, friends, family and our region. 

    On April 6th, the WSCCI will be joining many of our State partners to meet with legislators (and the Governor himself) to convey concerns and views expressed by all of you, our members.

    Please make sure to check out our Friday "Springfield Edition" newsletter (can be viewed here if you missed the e-blast) as we share your agenda with our legislative leaders, while we invite you to join us for the ride down (1 day only) to help make a difference in our region from the Capitol. 

    When I return, I hope to share with you some substantive feedback from our State leaders, which we can transform into powerful action back home, here in your community. 

    Until then, please stay the course: be unwavering in efforts as businesses, focused in your missions and vigilant (and vocal) in your need to thrive and survive.

    We will get through this...because we have to - our region is depending on it.

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