• But First, Hair

    But First, Hair

    With non-essential businesses closed, we've had countless emails, texts and phone calls about how to take care of their hair at home. We have answers! Haircuts and color should be left to the professional. Period. As tempting as that YouTube video your BFF sent you, we STRONGLY suggest you resist the urge.There are things you can do at home to get you by until your salon opens!
    If you have bangs, let them grow out into a side swept-bang. You never know, you may like them! Keep in mind, we can always cut them, we just can't put them back. Are you an every 6 week highlight? Feeling a little dull? Pick up some purple shampoo. Washing your hair (no more than once a week) with this will cancel out any brassy tones and restore your brightness.
    Got Gray? We hear you! We recommend a root touch up spray. These are available pretty much anywhere. They are great, as they wash out when you shampoo and also give you a little volume at your root! Please consider this as an alternative to a store box color. Remember, that $5 box color is a $300 corrective color in the salon.
    And finally, give yourself a break! Put down the blow dryer, flat iron and curling irons. Let this be the time to baby your hair as we head into warmer temps! The sun can do some damage to our hair. Let's try and get ahead of that. Do that mask you have been putting off. Let your hair naturally dry. Wear your hair curly instead of blowing it out straight. Just remember not to pull it up (especially when wet) too often as this stresses the hair and can cause breakage. Wear your cute baseball hats, or as I type it's snowing, so don't put away your cute winter caps yet!
    This too shall pass, but in the meantime, we hope you take something away from this!‚Äč
    Stay healthy, Elevate Salon

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